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The light-up magical doodle writing tablet helps kids learn and have fun. It fosters the kid's imaginations and at the same point develops their interest in writing, sketching, and doodling. It is environment-friendly. 

If your child loves to draw, then the magic board light up drawing pad is an ideal gift to help them practice drawing and sketching. The glowing light illuminates their masterpiece and encourages them to improve their writing and doodling skills.

Moreover, the magic board light up drawing pad is portable, cleanable and reusable. Kids can easily wipe the drawing pad and use it again and again. It’s time to encourage kids to practice their writing skills in an interactive way.

Key Features

  • Colorful 8 lights effects illuminate the art of the kids.
  • It comes with four different marker colours.
  • The Magic board is environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to clean with the help of the reusable wiping cloth. 
  • Develop kids' writing and creativity skills.
  • The magic board's backlight helps kids learn numbers, words, and shapes interactively. 
  • 10 different stencil cards make practicing drawing easy for kids.
  • The lightweight, non-toxic plastic is easy to carry.

What's in the Box? 

Magic Board x 1

Color Markers x 4

Drawing Cards x 10

Cleaning Cloth x 1

what is in the Box image light up Drawing pad magic glow board for kids

How to use the magic board light-up drawing pad?

  1. Put the stencil card you want to draw into the magic board.
  2. Draw on the magic board with the colored pen.
  3. After drawing, take the magic card out. 
  4. Now put the Black card into the magic board.
  5. Press the button placed in the center of the magic pad.
  6. Neon light of different colors will glow up the art.

What is the recommended age to play with glow up magic boards?

The magic board drawing tablet is recommended for kids of 3+ years of age. The sleek design and lightweight make it safe and secure for kids. It is made of non-toxic PVC plastic, and the round corner design makes it safe. The glowing neon lights are not harmful to kids' eyes.

Note: Do not wash the gadget and avoid it from toddlers.

What is the price of magic pad?

AfzalMart offers 100% original magic board light-up drawing pad for a reasonable price in Pakistan with free delivery across the country & cash on delivery (COD) payment option.

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