Baby Bouncer & Baby Rocker in Pakistan!

Welcoming a newborn to your life is a heavenly experience. With all the giggles and joy comes the responsibility to ensure your child's safety. Babies need extra care, and parents need to add some essential gear to their newborn checklist to comfort them. Baby bouncers & baby rockers are must-haves gear to comfort your little one to sleep. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a baby bouncer?

A baby bouncer is a reclined seat with gentle bouncing motions to calm fussy babies. Most baby bouncers have hanging toy stations, inbuilt music, and soothing vibration modes.

What is the difference between a baby bouncer & baby rocker?

Baby bouncer and rocker are two different types of baby gear with almost the same purpose: calm down a cranky baby, encourage play, and help them sleep smoothly and safely. Both can be used from birth to about 6 months or until the baby can sit independently.

A baby bouncer is a comfortable seat with recliners at the base that produce bouncing movements. It can also be adjusted into a stationary seat. Baby bouncers usually come with toy bars and slight vibration modes to soothe babies by providing them with a secure space to rest and play. It is a lightweight and portable option to carry around.

Conversely, a baby rocker is more mechanical in function, produces rocking movements manually or electrically, and comes with additional features like reclining positions, built-in music, and a toy bar. The gentle rocking movement helps babies nap or sleep calmly.

For how long can a baby sit in a bouncer?

It is recommended that babies should not spend over 20 minutes in a bouncer.

When should a baby bouncer be used?

Baby bouncers can be used to entertain babies and relieve agitation. So, if your baby is cranky, you can put them into a baby bouncer to play and calm down. You can also use a bouncer to put your baby to sleep.

When should I stop using a baby bouncer?

It is recommended that you stop using a baby bouncer once the baby is able to support their head or sit up.

What is a baby bouncer used for?

A baby bouncer is mainly used to calm babies and help them sleep comfortably. It can also be used for playing as most of them come with a toy bar with hanging toys.

When should I put my baby in a bouncer?

The ideal age for using a baby bouncer is 0-6 months.

What is the baby bouncer price in Pakistan?

Baby bouncer prices in Pakistan vary from store to store. However, AfzalMart offers affordable rates for baby bouncers starting from PKR 4,799 only.

What does a baby rocker do?

A baby rocker is a seat that provides to-and-fro motions to help babies calm and relax. Its gentle rocking movement soothes babies and ensures a comfortable nap time.

What is the recommended age to use a baby rocker?

Using a baby rocker from birth to 6 months of age is recommended.

When should I use a rocker for my baby?

You can use a baby rocker when your baby is agitated or needs a comfortable place to sleep.

How to use a baby rocker?

Place your baby in the rocker seat and fasten the belts. Now, gently rock the baby rocker. Press the activation button to start the motion if you’re using an electric baby rocker. Always supervise your baby while they are in the rocker.

What is the baby rocker price in Pakistan?

Baby rocker price in Pakistan depends upon which brand you pick. AfzalMart has an affordable collection of baby rockers with prices starting at PKR 7,499 only.