Best Play Mats For Babies in Pakistan

What is a baby play mat?

A baby play mat or also called a baby play gym is a cushioned soft mat for babies & toddlers to play on. They are usually made of soft fabric or foam but some of them also come in plastic & water. They are designed to engage babies in activities such as playing with hanging toys, musical elements, lights, mirrors, and more.

What is the use of a baby play mat?

A baby play mat is designed to increase the baby’s activity level by providing a safe and interactive space where they can engage in activities. This helps support the physical, visual, and motor development of children. Baby gym mats also help babies with muscle development, eye coordination, and other important skills.

Are play mats good for babies?

Yes, play mats are beneficial for babies. They support their growth & development and provide a safe and engaging environment for them to play in while their parents are occupied. Additionally, play mats offer protection from germs and bacteria that may be present on the floor.

What age is good for a play mat?

You can use a play mat from the time baby is a little active till the crawling age. But it's suggested to introduce it to your baby when they start rolling and holding their heads, which usually occurs around 5 months of age.

How long can a baby use a play mat?

A: The duration for how long you can use the play mat varies from baby to baby based on their development, growth & level of activity. Usually, you can use it as long as the baby is engaged & actively playing.

Baby play mat price in Pakistan

A: The price of baby playmat in Pakistan varies, it starts somewhere around Rs 2000 & climbs up based on its quality & features. You can also find a bargain online as they are often more affordable than physical stores like AfzalMart. Currently, we are offering up to 30% off on baby play mats with free home delivery & COD across Pakistan.