How toys help to regulate emotions in kids


Emotions play a crucial role in the human experience, particularly for young people who are still figuring out how to move through the complicated world of feelings. Although expressing emotions is normal for children, they may have trouble comprehending, controlling and coping with them.

We have a big responsibility to provide children the skills they need to manage their emotions in healthy ways as parents and custodians.

Play is a strong tool for achieving this. In this article, we'll look into the realm of toys made to help emotional regulation and provide kids a fun, secure method to understand and control their emotions.

Why Emotional Regulation is Important

The biggest challenge to self-control is emotional regulation. Successful people know how to make their emotions their servants rather than masters.

 Dr Paul TP Wong

The capacity to comprehend, control, and react appropriately to one's own emotions is referred to as emotional regulation. It has a big impact on how well-adjusted a child is socially, academically, and generally. Children who can control their emotions well tend to have higher self-esteem, build stronger relationships, and handle difficulties more successfully.

Toys Helpful For Emotional Regulation

Toys and sensory instruments with emotional themes can help kids recognize, categorize, and control their emotions. This helps them develop emotional intelligence. Playing pretend with toys encourages empathy, and using art tools enables the symbolic representation of feelings. Physical play assists catharsis, while mindful play with soothing objects encourages relaxation. The appropriate processing of emotions is facilitated by toys, which act as confidants and comforters. This lays the groundwork for emotional resilience and lifetime well-being.

Here are some toys that are helpful in the emotional regulation of kids;

Emotion Dolls And Figures: 

 Emotion Dolls And Figures

Children's emotional regulation is aided with emotion dolls, which enable interactive play while portraying various emotions in a visual way. By identifying, naming, and expressing their own feelings through the dolls, children learn to be emotionally aware. 

Playing out scenarios with the dolls promotes empathy, and experimenting with coping mechanisms helps with emotion control. Interacting with emotion figures improves social and communication skills while providing solace and a soothing impact in times of hardship. 

These types of toys may also be used as play therapy and emotion coaching tools, offering a concrete way to process and explore difficult emotions and eventually promote emotional knowledge and control. These include;

  • Sad/Happy Octopus
  • Mood Changing Puppet Sets
  • Mood Expressing Plush Toys

Sensory Toys

Sensory Toys

Children who are experiencing emotional turmoil can be soothed and comforted by sensory toys in a miraculous way. Stress balls, squishy toys, and fidget spinners all provide tactile stimulation that can be used as a release for negative emotions. Children may find it easier to channel their emotional energy and restore their equilibrium by squeezing a stress ball or observing the fascinating motion of a fidget spinner. These include;

  • Pop It
  • Squishy Balls
  • Water Gel
  • Wicky Stix
  • Stretchy Figures

Feeling Thermometer

Feeling thermometer is a visual tool that helps kids and adults to gauge their emotional health and learn how to change their attitude when circumstances get challenging.

Children can measure the strength of their emotions with the help of feeling thermometers, whether they come in the shape of charts or toys. Children can express their emotional status and chart their emotional development over time by writing a tangible marker on the thermometer.

Cuddling Toys

Cuddling Toys

By offering warmth, an emotional connection, and opportunities for self-soothing, cuddling toys help kids deal with stress.Oxytocin is released as a result of emotional connection and physical feeling, which helps them unwind. These toys provide stability during difficult times and act as transitional items.

These toys allow for the unrestricted expression of emotions. Playing with the toy encourages awareness, controls arousal, and improves emotional intelligence.

In the end, hugging toys develop into dependable friends who support emotional control and stress reduction. These include;

  • Teddy Bears
  • Plush Dolphins
  • Plush Fruits 
  • Giant Plush Elephants 

Board Game

Board Game

  • Hoot Owl Hoot
  • Chutes And Ladders
  • Robot Turtles
  • Ludo
  • Carrom Board 


A good emotional well-being is built on the lifetime ability of emotional control. Children's playtime is enriched when emotional regulation toys are introduced to them. They must also be given the tools necessary to control and express their emotions in healthy ways.

We provide kids the tools they need to become more resilient, self-aware, and sympathetic grownups who can effectively traverse the complicated terrain of emotions throughout their lives by integrating these toys into their everyday routines.