Toddler Travel Essentials - A Buying Guide to Pick The Best Travel Gear for Your Toddler

The terms pram and stroller are interchangeably used as toddler travel essentials. However, prams and strollers are different. A pram is made for very young babies. Prams are designed so that a baby can lie in it. In contrast, strollers are designed for toddlers or grown babies who can sit upright.

These days, you can find a vast range of prams and strollers. And it gets overwhelming to choose the right type of pram or stroller for your baby. Keeping this in view, we will separately discuss prams and strollers based on their types, tips on choosing the right one, and safety guidelines.

Types of Prams

A pram is basically a type of stroller. Prams come in only one basic shape and are designed such that a baby can lie straight.

What to Know When Selecting the Right Pram

Do You Have Twins?

This is an important question to ask yourself when choosing a pram for your baby. A standard-sized pram will work best if there’s only one baby. However, if you have twins, you’ll need to choose carefully. If you have twins or one child and a baby - the pram should offer more space and functionality, such as a bassinet or baby capsule adapter.

Do You Require a Pram for Just a Newborn?

Prams are designed to accommodate newborns. However, some options come in a bassinet attachment style, which can be interchanged with a seat as your baby grows up. And some prams come attached with a seat that can be made flat for a newborn and made into a straight seat afterward as the baby grows.

How Does the Pram Move On Bumpy Tracks?

You should know the places you want to take the pram to. On flat surfaces, smaller pram wheels are just fine. But, in other bumpy terrains, you may need a pram with bigger wheels to maneuver the pram easily.

Budgetary Constraint

Prams come in different price ranges. A pram can be purchased for a modest price, or it can also cost thousands of rupees. The cost varies depending on the design simplicity and the number of features, such as gadgets in a pram. Some prams even sing ABC, so it’s up to your budget and choice.

Pram Safety Tips

There have been studies on the safety of prams. Many parents told surveyors that the 4-wheel pram was better than the 3-wheel pram. The reason for preferring the 4-wheel pram was that the three-wheel pram tended to tip dangerously. The three-wheeler also rolls away unexpectedly.

Before buying, you need to consider the following safety tips:

  • Check the pram for certification to safety standards to see if it meets the safety needs.
  • See if the pram has any sharp parts. Also, are there any unnecessarily big gaps that can result in a baby’s limbs being trapped?
  • Is there any locking and unlocking frame mechanism that is not easy to be opened by a child? This is to see if the lock is child resistant.
  • Is the pram balanced enough so it does not tip easily?

The above are some of the essential safety checks you should consider.

Let’s now look at strollers.

Types of Strollers

You can find many variations of strollers in the market. However, there are five basic types of strollers. And we’ll discuss each one by one.

1- Full-Sized

In case you intend to get a stroller that can be used for a long time through the toddler days of your baby. Then it is best to go for a full-sized baby stroller. As the name suggests, the full-sized stroller is big enough so you can carry other baby gear items such as feeders, diapers, and more. This type of stroller is not just big but is also durable.

2- Umbrella Stroller

The best thing about the umbrella stroller is it is easy to handle. The small size of the stroller makes it convenient to maneuver through narrow streets. Its small size makes it a popular option - although certain features are compromised in this type.

3- Jogging Stroller

As the name suggests, jogging strollers are made for parents on the run. You can jog while your baby is inside the stroller. These strollers have wheels in large sizes. The wheels are ideal for different types of terrains.

4- Double Stroller

This type of stroller is ideal if you’re looking to take twins for a day out. There’s no other stroller that can safely accommodate two babies. With a double stroller, you get two separate compartments to place both babies, and there you go!

5- Travel System

A travel system is designed in a way that it is a combo of an infant car seat and a stroller. So, they’re made so that the stroller is compatible with the car seat - meaning the infant seat can be transitioned into the frame - allowing you to take your infant anywhere while traveling for an adventurous trip.

Questions to Ask Before You Purchase a Stroller

Strollers come in 5 main categories, and strollers in these categories are further diversified - depending on the features. It gets hard to select a suitable stroller as per your requirements. And here, we’ll discuss important things to remember when buying a stroller.

1- Where Will I be Using the Stroller?

If you have to go through narrow streets while having the baby in a stroller, consider an umbrella stroller. However, a full-sized stroller will do if you’re to walk in a broad public space. On the one hand, the full-sized stroller is hard to maneuver in narrow spaces; on the other hand, the umbrella stroller lacks additional space for putting extra baby gear such as diapers, feeders, etc.

2- How Can I Comfortably Place My Twins?

The number of passengers a stroller will carry is essential to consider if you have more than one baby. It’s quite evident that an average-sized stroller offers ample seating space for only one toddler. That’s why, for seating twins, you will need a double stroller with two separate compartments for comfortable seating.

3- Can I Take the Stroller in My Car?

This one is crucial as many people also seek to travel. To know if you can transport the stroller confidently in your car, check out the demo review video of the stroller you want. Notice if the stroller is compact enough upon folding to know whether you can take it with you.

Another aspect is that some prams are convenient to fold, while others require a good amount of wrestling. Therefore, choose a pram that’s easy to fold and convenient to transport.

4- How Long Will I Use the Stroller?

You can be looking for a stroller that fulfills your baby-day-out needs when your baby is a newborn till the time your baby is three to four years old. For this purpose, you should choose a baby stroller with a flat bassinet - ideal for a newborn. And as your baby grows, you can exchange the bassinet for a seat frame.

Some other aspects you can consider are:

  • Does the stroller offer ample space?
  • Does the stroller come with reliable locks?
  • Can the stroller be used specifically for jogging?
  • What is my budget?
  • Are there any safety features?
  • Does the stroller come with washable clothes?

You can ask yourself such questions and look for a suitable stroller - depending on your needs.

Safety Tips for Buying Stroller

For many parents, getting a high-quality stroller is a one-time investment. This is why choosing one that ensures your baby's safety is essential. From brakes and locks to wheel-size, weight and overall quality of the material - all have to play a crucial role in determining safety of a stroller. 

Here are some tips on stroller safety:

Check the Brakes

Just like a car on wheels is unsafe without brakes, the same applies to strollers. Select a stroller with durable and quick brakes so you don’t have to worry. Also, always remember to use brakes when you stop or idle.

Fasten Seat Belt 

Some strollers have bigger seats, and some have smaller ones. Therefore, it is essential to fasten the seat belt, especially in strollers with small seats. Babies move around, and even newborns can slip out of the stroller. So always fasten the seat belt.

Avoid Tipping

We recommend not hanging extra things like a bag on the stroller. This way, you make sure the stroller does not get tipped.

Pay Attention

You mustn't leave your baby unattended in the stroller - to ensure their safety. You must always watch your baby for their security - especially if they fall asleep.


Choosing your ideal stroller or pram does not have to be overwhelming if you already know their types. Also, keeping your unique requirements in mind will help you select the right and reject the wrong stroller or pram. In this blog post, we have also provided you with essential safety tips when using a pram or a stroller. All the knowledge in this blog provides ample information so you make an informed buying decision.