The Best Learning Activities Preschoolers Can Do At Home

Three to five years are the most important in a child's mental and physical development. They are continuously seeking and exploring the world. If you have a preschooler at your home, you may have noticed how curious they are to learn new things daily. They continuously ask questions and notice their environment.

The human brain is completely developed at the age of five years. Children always learn through playing. Parents need to engage their children in healthy activities so that they can learn positively and happily. According to report by OECD, early learning activities can greatly impact a child's life.

Are you a parent of a homeschooler and seeking some healthy and convenient activities that your preschooler can perform at home to help them grow and develop?

If yes, this article has amazing options for you.

Fun, Simple, And Easy Learning Activities For Your Preschoolers

As per research, preschooling activities, plays, and games greatly impact a child's brain and overall growth. All the plays and games children perform during the initial years of their lives have a long-lasting impact on shaping their brains. If you wish to preschool your children, you can arrange simple and fun activities at home for your preschoolers, which helps them to learn. This way, they will initially be ready for their schools as well.

Here is a list of some amazing activities your preschooler can do at home.

1.   Playing With Dough:

Just make life creative for your preschoolers. Your little ones need activities to engage themselves. You can teach them letters by designing letters using dough. Kids find it very interesting to play with dough. Play dough kit is what your kids love to explore and an interesting way to develop their interest in learning.

2.   Painting And Drawing:

Painting and drawing are one of the  the best learning activities for preschoolers as they can help kids use their creativity and imagination. By sketching and painting different objects, kids learn to recognize different colors in a fun way. Moreover, you can help them draw different shapes and let them choose the color of their own choice. It enhances their thinking ability, and they will learn different shapes, their names, and which item to color. Moreover, they can improve in grasping brushes which improves their muscle development.

3.   Learning Through Blocks:

You can let your child learn different shapes through blocks. It is an open end play. Moreover, you can play along and build a home or plane with blocks and ask your preschoolers to do the same. Your kids will love this activity and happily do it without getting bored.

4.   Cooking Together:

You can engage your preschooler in kitchen activities. While in the kitchen, engage your child and help them learn fruit and vegetable names to build up their vocabulary. It is an interesting learning activity as it will engage them with you healthily, and they will learn many things through this.

For example: while washing vegetables, you can ask them questions like; 

  • What is this vegetable's name? 
  • What am I washing? 
  • What is the color of tomatoes?
  • Name the square shape objects in the kitchen.

5.   Reading & Writing:

Reading books is the best activity to let your kids learn. According to reports, introducing books at an early age develops a love for books, improves reading habits, boosts language skills, and positively impacts academic success later in life. Many interesting books are available for preschoolers, including touch-and-feel books, musical books, etc.

Most parents complain their child is not interested in writing. They feel bored and tired. Just like adults, children also get bored with the same methods. Kids like vibrant colors and lively things. Consider the scenario: give your kid a pencil and blank paper with no colors and ask them to write. What will be their reaction? Some kids may show interest in writing, but it's least attractive for other kids. Why not make writing interesting for them? Instead of writing on paper, use another medium and teach them shapes, alphabets, letters, and whatnot.

Other Interesting Learning Activities 

Children always want to play. They are always in a hurry and search to find some activities for themselves. Like studies, play time is equally important.

  • Talking Toys
  • Musical Toys
  • Pretend Playing
  • Shape Sorting
  • Sand Play
  • Dots Play
  • And Many more

Wonderful Benefits Of Engaging Children In Learning Activities

Authoritatively instructions is a negative way to teach anything to preschoolers. Love language and affection is the best approach to teach them. Toddlers and preschoolers learn when they are allowed to play freely or when they lead the play.

Some notable benefits of engaging children in different learning activities are as follows.

All Five Senses Comes To Action:

No doubt children are messy, and they learn by creating messes as well. It is how they explore the world. When a child plays, they use their hands, sight, hearing power, and other senses too. It is very important to let children engage in activities where all senses are used because it will enhance their learning capabilities and promote motor and cognitive skills.

Your Child Will Experience Fun While Learning:

It is a fact that children can learn faster when they are enjoying something. You can make their learning experience best by topping the element of fun in their playing activities. Sometimes kids get bored with the same teaching methods; you can let them learn new alphabets by using activity toys. 

Your Child Will Be More Engaged, So There Will be Fewer Tantrums:

Children aged three to five years show tantrums at their parents as they grow and explore their inner selves and identity. It's all up to a parent to mold their tantrums into something healthy and positive. With learning activities at home, your preschooler can be more engaged and will be happy at the same time. 

Screen Time Of Preschooler Reduces:

It's in a child's nature to get bored easily with its surroundings and wishes to explore new things every day. Most parents give them screens to deal less with their questions and tantrums. Why not engage them in some playing to lessen their screen time? However screen time hampers children's play time which is crucial in their early growth. So with different games and playing activities, your preschooler will have zero screen time.

Your Child Will Learn With Their Experiences:

Adults learn life lessons with experiences. Similarly, children will learn with their experience when they are more likely to explore the world through play. In any learning game, for example, if kids are given a toy like talking cactus toy that repeats after them, their talking capability will increase.

Wrapping Up:

Preschoolers are hard to handle, specially for first-time parents.  However, parents can make a positive bond with them with some fun yet educational activities. Preschoolers can learn via play which means you can be a parent and teacher at the same time for your kid. Just introduce them to the right play and let them learn things independently. Moreover, they can increase their creativity and imaginations too.

With all the games and activities, preschoolers can learn many things before school. In Addition to that, they will understand complex concepts by asking questions during these activities. It will shape their mind and benefit them in the future.

Let your preschooler learn new things every day.