How to Make Homework Fun for Kids? A Parental Guide

Do you have a school-going kid who nags while doing his homework? You must find it challenging to let your baby sit calmly and do their school assignments. If your kids start crying and making lame excuses while doing their school assignments, it’s time to pay more attention to them.

You need to change the way they perceive their homework and add an element of fun while kids do their homework. 

Simply put, you can make homework time fun and interesting for your kids.

This article will have all the fantastic tips to help your little ones do their tasks efficiently.

Effective Tips To Engage Your Child In Homework In a Fun Way

If you have school-going kids, you have come across homework in your kid's diaries. Homework is essential because it engages children with their studies and let them revise the concepts taught in school. 

But kids sometimes find doing homework boring and are least interested in doing their assignments. As a parent, you can make homework a fun activity. Just follow the tips mentioned below.

1. Give Them Reward

You should reward your child every time they do something good to build their interest in homework and avoid nagging. You should give them their favorite candy as a gift for doing homework. Moreover, you can also give them new bags, a new lunch box, and a pair of new socks as a reward to boost their interest in doing homework. Also, you can make their favourite dish for dinner as a reward. 

You can set the reward giving for the following conditions;

  • When they complete their school assignment on time.
  • When they show complete focus on their homework.
  • When they give you correct answers regarding their academic lessons.

2. Cooperate With Them

Always consider your child's needs when they're doing their homework. Keep in mind that kids are not always making lame excuses. There can be situations where they are not well or are too sleepy, or have a headache which is why they are unable to focus on their home assignments properly. Develop good understanding with your child and cooperate with them.

3. Introduce Phonetic Learning

Make their study environment fun by adding music related to their homework. If your child is in primary education, you can teach them phonics, the alphabet, counting, and other fun things by letting them listen to educational poems and musical stuff related to their academic homework. Or, you can use a phonetic learning book to help your child learn things faster.

4. Use Colorful Flashcards And Chart Papers

If your child has just started to go to school, you can let them do their homework using colorful items and flashcards. You can follow the following approach.

  • Ask them to count the number of questions in their homework and let them write on the flashcard.
  • Let them choose which question they want to do first by selecting any of the flashcards.
  • Let them do their rough work on flashcards and later do it neatly on their notebooks.

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5. Give Them Breaks During Study Time

Usually, every person wants rest to perform better, and the same goes for kids. Give them little breaks in between their home tasks to improve their productivity. No doubt, home assignments are lengthy for kids and are a tiresome task too. You can give them small breaks where they can do what they want. 

6. Avoid All Distractions

When your kids are all set to do their school assignments, make sure that the distractions are away from them. By giving a study atmosphere to your kids, you will notice how they will develop complete focus and attention. You should avoid these distractions if your kid is studying or doing his school task. Your child can be more engaged in their homework when they are free of distractions.

  • Don't give them phones while studying.
  • Avoid asking them questions that are not related to their homework.
  • Ensure they are active and not sleepy.
  • Make sure they have taken their meals before doing homework.

7. Give Them New Stationary and Writing Gadgets

You can make your kids happy by giving them new and different writing mediums. You can give them new pencils to motivate them to do their homework in the best way. They tend to be more interested in doing their work when they have colorful pens and pencils. Moreover, you can give them digital writing tablet on which they can write rough work and other stuff.

8. Don't Scold Them Or Force Them

Children only listen to love languages. You have to handle them with delicacy and in a positive manner. If you scold or force them to do their homework, they will develop negative feelings about homework time. And, they will start avoiding doing homework in front of you. Secondly, it will create an environment of stress and pressure for them that is unsuitable for their health. 

Dawn News highlighted the topic “pressure to excel” explaining how peer pressure can devastate a child’s mental health.

So instead of nagging, make study time easy for them. This approach will reduce their stress level. Later, they will do their homework happily.

9. Try To Turn Homework In A Play

Children love to play. With play, they can learn things quite quickly. You can let them learn by using plays as follows.

  • If homework includes learning something, you can make a puzzle game for that.
  • If the home assignment is mathematical, you can give them toffees, candies, and other items to encourage addition, division, and other math operations. 
  • If homework is a quiz for tomorrow's school, you can give them a writing tablet to revise while writing on a kid's tablet.

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10. Motivate Your Kids

Motivational words and phrases are game changers in developing interest and fun in a kid's curriculum routine. When kids are used to listening to such positive sentences, they are more likely to take their homework as fun rather than a boring routine. Furthermore, you can give them the challenge to do their task, and once they are done, use motivational phrases for them.

Use words like;

  • Yes, you can do it
  • You can do all your tasks in no time
  • This task is difficult, but you are a quick learner
  • Well done
  • You are my intelligent lad

Such sentences will boost their morale and boost their interest in performing the best.

11. Use Different Mediums Of Learning

Only sometimes use a pen, pencil, and blank notebook; instead, provide your kids with different learning mediums. You can make homework fun for your kids by introducing YouTube learning channels and online quiz games as well. 

  • Use Youtube to show them some practical work related to their studies. 
  • Show them models, i-e solar system models, etc
  • Use different educational toys and let your child learn quickly with them.

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Additional Ideas to Make Kids' Homework Fun

Kids learn more if they are having fun. There are several ways in which you can add an element of fun to your kids' dull and monotonous homework routine. Other tips to make homework fun for kids are below;

  • Set fix time for homework
  • Don't overburden them
  • Give them a comfortable environment
  • Don't compare them with their classmates
  • Always have a positive attitude
  • Set a timer of homework; once they complete it, reward them
  • Appreciate their little things
  • Let them have their favorite snack 

Benefits of Interactive Study Time

  • Children will engage more in their studies.
  • Kids will understand things in a better way.
  • Your youngster will pick things up faster.
  • Creating a fun atmosphere will help them reduce their study pressure.
  • Making their study time enjoyable will be a good use of their time and energy.
  • It will give them the motivation to learn new things.
  • When they have fun during homework, they will release dopamine (happy hormone), which makes them glad and dedicated towards their homework.
  • Interactive study time reduces stress, pressure, and negative emotions.
  • Children will develop more interest in their studies and home assignments.

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The Bottom Line

It is essential to add fun to your kid's life when you feel they are bored. Having fun while studying can benefit a child in the long run. It will develop a child's love of learning, which must be a primary motto of parents. 

It is easy to develop an interest in academic learning in your child, but once you instill this in them, you will thank yourself later.

Follow the tricks and tips in this article to let your child engage in their homework effectively and efficiently.