How to Calm Down a Cranky Baby - Tips for Parents

A baby can be hard to deal with if they are easily irritable. Newborns and very young children can act cranky at times as they grow up - making it harder for many parents to calm them down.

Before we discuss the helpful tips for calming down a cranky toddler, let’s make it clear what’s meant by cranky or fussy behavior.

What is Cranky Behavior?

We know it takes quite a while for toddlers or young children to start talking. And when they cannot speak, they will show other non-verbal cues to tell if there’s a problem that requires relief. Babies who cannot talk yet will give cues that something is not okay by acting cranky or irritable.

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Tips to Calm Cranky Babies

There can be several reasons for a baby to act fussy. Among the most common reasons behind their irritable behavior are:

  • The baby is hungry
  • Gas problem due to trapped air inside the baby’s stomach
  • A dirty diaper needs to be changed
  • Fatigue due to a lack of sleep
  • Overwhelmed because of noise or crowded places

Don’t worry, if your child is being grumpy. Here are some effective tips to soothe the crankiness of a baby.

1- Keep Your Baby Swaddled in a Soft Cloth

The goal of swaddling your baby in a soft and large blanket is to provide a sense of security. When an infant is wrapped properly in a blanket, it naturally calms them down. If you do not know how to do this correctly, you can ask your doctor to show you how.

2- Place Your Baby in the Right Posture

Your baby may cry and act irritable due to colic - which happens as a result of air accumulation inside the belly. 

In this situation, you should hold your baby and place their body on their left side. This technique is often suggested by doctors, as it helps calm babies with gastric issues.

3-Play Music that Calms Your Baby

Music profoundly affects the mind, heart, and soul - no matter how old someone is. We all love music, and so do babies. Many times, all your baby would need is a good sleep in a calming environment.

You can create a calming atmosphere by playing music that has a calming vibe. There are free playlists of soothing music available online. Alternatively, you can also use other sounds, like the humming sound of a fan or the sound of a heartbeat, to make your baby feel relaxed and fall asleep.

4- Rock Your Baby in a Baby Bouncer

Putting your sweetie in a baby bouncer is one of the best ways to engage and stimulate them to distract them from boredom. Baby bouncers and rockers provide a comfortable space for toddlers to have fun.

While your baby is having fun rocking up and down by just moving their legs, you get the chance to do other chores that matter to you. Here are a few main benefits of using a baby bouncer:

  • The ergonomic design supports the infant’s back, neck, and head
  • It is safe for rocking your child and provides ample space
  • Easy to clean and move around

5- Your Baby Should Not be Fed Too Much

An infant or toddler does not know if it’s time to stop being fed. Sometimes, mums feed their babies more than necessary - which causes the baby to become uncomfortable and fussy.

Look out for crankiness in your baby’s behavior after he or she has been fed. If they seem disturbed or uncomfortable, you get an indication of overfeeding. The best approach is to wait for at least two to two-and-a-half hours before you start feeding again.

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6- Your Baby May Need to Suckle

Although breastfeeding is essential for nourishing babies, it is also necessary for calming a toddler’s irritable behavior. Whenever your baby seems uncomfortable, try suckling! This will help to calm your baby’s nerves and allow him to feel relaxed.

Another useful way around this is to help the baby know where her thumb or fist is when crying. This way, the baby has something to suckle on, no matter if it is nonnutritive suckling - it helps a lot to soothe her discomfort.

7- Sway Your Baby

This is a good approach that does not require you to walk around for long intervals. All you need to do is sit on a chair that will rock to and fro while you hold your baby. You can also find bouncy seats in the market - made to rock young children to and fro.

For all parents, it is essential to read the safety instructions. This way, your baby won’t get hurt, as you already know the safety instruction on weight, age, etc.

8- Sing Your Sweetie a Sweet Song

As music has an effect on our senses, so do songs! What you would want to sing to your baby can be anything from poems and lullabies to hymns and songs. And yes, you don’t have to be a professional singer to do this, as your baby has no idea if your singing is in perfect pitch or it is off-key.

The goal is to show your baby love with a smile while singing - and you’ll see how this works wonders! So whenever you notice your baby is getting cranky - treat them with a sweet song.

9- Put Your Baby in a Baby Walker

Your baby may act all fussy and cry due to a lack of movement. This is the time you can walk your baby in a walker. The back-and-forth and sideways movement gives them a new exciting experience.

It also allows them to explore their surroundings and get a flavor of walking. Not only your baby learns to walk by developing coordination, but you’ll also notice irritable behavior vanishing away with some activity.

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10- Take Your Baby Outside

Babies also get bored and need excitement to not act cranky. You can change your baby’s mood from irritable to curious and excited by simply taking a long stroll out. From trees and buildings to houses and shops, there’s so much out there for a baby to feel intrigued and happily distracted.

Concluding the Discussion

When a baby gets cranky, in most situations, what’s essential is to distract them from how they’re feeling in the moment. Among the best ways to calm babies, this blog post has discussed the ten most effective things you can do to clear away fussy behavior in them.