Difference Between Newborn, Infant, and Toddler

English terminology has given titles to children like newborn, infant, and toddler. However, parents may need clarification about the meaning of these terms.

There is no rocket science. Each title follows a specific age group, and parents need to know that.

Newborn Vs. Infant Vs. Toddler - What’s The Difference?

Most parents still don't know the age-appropriate titles for their children that they can use in formal situations. A clear understanding of these terminologies will help parents shop for age-appropriate items for their kids. 

Baby Title

Age Group


0 - 2 months


> 12 months


1 - 3 Years

Age Group - Newborn

Age: 0-2 months

WHO defines that newborns and neonates are babies younger than 28 days old. Generally, the age of a newborn is considered from the time the baby is born till two months.

What Milestones To Expect From A Newborn?

Newborn babies are very sensitive, so extreme care must be provided to nurture them. You can expect the following milestones from a newborn baby.

  • Weight:

The average weight of a newborn baby ranges from 2.5 kgs to 3.5 kgs. However, the weight of a newborn during the first 15 days fluctuates.

  • Height:

The height of a newborn ranges from 46 cm to 56 cm.

  • Movements:

Newborns move their heads, arms, and legs. Moreover, they respond to their surrounding voices by showing some facial reactions.

  • Communication:

Newborns communicate via cry. They will cry to share with you whether they are disturbed or hungry. Moreover, newborns also smile and make eye contact.

  • Food Intake:

The only food for newborn is either mother feed or formula milk

Newborn Care Guidelines

Every baby is different in terms of achieving milestones. But you must consider visiting a paediatrician if you see any delayed milestones in your newborn. The following may be the reasons for you to consult the doctor.

  • Newborns haven't started smiling after two months.
  • When they haven't started making eye contact for two months.
  • They do not grasp any lightweight toys for two months.

It is essential to get them checked if you see any of the above delayed developmental milestones.

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Age Group - Infant

Age: < 12 months

Children younger than1 year are referred to as infants. Infants undergo major stages of cognitive and brain development.

What Milestones To Expect From An Infant?

Infants need colourful surroundings to explore their environment and develop vital motor skills. An infant has the following developmental milestones;

  • Weight

By the age a baby reaches a year, their weight is three times his birth weight.

  • Height

You can expect an increase in their height from around 70 cm till their first birthday.

  • Movements (Walking, Sitting & Crawling)

Most infants can start sitting without support from 4 months until nine months. In addition to that, infants also start walking independently around one year. You can expect an infant to achieve their crawling milestone around six months.

  • Communication

They can smile, nod, babble, respond to your instructions, clap, and even recognize their family members. Moreover, they can respond to their names too. Furthermore, an infant can utter a few words too, for example, "mama," "baba," etc.

  • Food Intake

An infant takes both solids and breast milk or formula milk. Some of their milk teeth erupt too.

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Infant Care Guidelines

Babies under 1 year achieve major developmental milestones. However, any developmental delay is alarming for parents. You must visit a paediatrician if you see the following signs in your infant.

  • Your infant doesn't respond to their name.
  • They are unable to hold their neck.
  • Unable to sit without support.
  • Does not wave or point out the items around them.
  • Unable to grasp things or reach to them.
  • Hasn't started crawling yet.

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Age Group - Toddler

Age: 1 to 3 years

By definition, the term toddler refers to a child who has just started walking. Any kid that falls between one to three years of age is called a toddler.

What Milestones To Expect From A Toddler?

Many developmental milestones are going on in your toddler's life, from one to three years. A toddler can walk, crawl, sit, talk, etc.

Let's have a look over toddlers' milestones.

  • Weight

An ideal toddler’s weight is about 10 kg to 15 Kg.

  • Height

Their height ranges from 74 cm to 95 cm

  • Movements (Walking, Jumping & Climbing)

Toddlers can walk and jump. Moreover, they can even climb stairs.

  • Communication

A toddler can understand your instructions and communicate. They can talk in phrases too. They can utter a few words. Moreover, by the age of three, your toddler can learn many things, for example, the alphabet, numbers, animals, colours, etc.

  • Food Intake

They started learning to chew and develop eating skills.

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Toddler Care Guidelines

As per CDC, between one and three years is ideal for detecting a child's disorders, including autism and ADHD. Therefore, you must note your toddler’s actions thoroughly. You can consult the doctor if your toddler;

  • Does not respond to their name.
  • Avoids making eye contact.
  • Does not adhere to your clear directions.
  • Hasn't started walking or maintaining balance.
  • Has issues swallowing and chewing food.

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Final Thoughts

Understanding what newborn, infant, and toddler mean is essential. Though you are going shopping for kids or consulting a paediatrician, calling your baby with the right age title is very important.

In a nutshell, a newborn is a baby who is just born and up to 2 months of age. Moreover, a baby under a year old is referred to as an infant. A toddler is a baby between one and three years old. Above four years or beyond, you can refer to your kid as a baby. It is how you can differentiate between these four terms.