5 Must-Have Baby Feeding Supplies to Start Solids

You may not notice, but time passes so fast that the days of feeding your baby solids come in the blink of an eye. Although messy, feeding baby solids is fun for parents in the first year after childbirth. For many parents, feeding a baby solids is no less than a feat in itself. So, to save parents from the extra hassle, this blog post will share the must-have baby feeding supplies to start solid foods.

1- Get a High Chair

Whenever your baby is ready for a mealtime, having a high chair is one of the basic supplies you should have. This way, your baby has a secure place for sitting, where they are safe and can easily consume their solid food. However, your baby should be able to sit up without the assistance of anyone.

Another vital thing to consider is the size you need, as baby chairs come in various shapes and sizes. Here are a few top benefits of using a baby chair:

  • A baby can sit and eat independently
  • Babies are safe in high chairs
  • Feeding becomes much easier
  • Less mess is created
  • Cleaning is easy, and the risk of a parent getting back pain decreases
  • Allows babies to be independently included during a family dinner

2- Grab a Bib

Having a bib with you as you start to feed solid foods to your baby is essential. Wearing a bib while feeding protects your baby’s clothes and creates less mess. Soft bibs are ideas for wiping your baby’s face, whereas silicone bibs are ideal for preventing stains on round-necked clothes.

While feeding solids, bibs are beneficial, and below are some of the main benefits of bibs at mealtime:

  • Bibs usually come in a roll-up design so parents can fold them and carry them in a pocket or a bag while traveling.
  • Silicone bibs are durable and can be used again and again for a long time
  • Bibs let you avoid changing your baby’s clothes as they prevent the baby’s clothes from getting stained

3- Use a Baby Spoon

You can start using baby spoons as your baby turns six months old. It requires a little bit of hard work and training so your baby can learn to consume food through a spoon - all by themselves. If your baby has grown teeth, you can also give them a small U-shaped toothbrush after a meal - which is easy for the baby to use, just as they learn to use a spoon.

Here are the benefits of baby-led spoon-feeding:

  • Better development of oral skills
  • Improvement in motor skills like hand-eye coordination
  • A baby that knows how to eat their meal results in enjoyable family time
  • Development of a responsive feeding habit
  • No need to spend too much time mashing the solid food

4- Bring a Bowl-like Serving Dish

A serving dish can be any bowl in which you present food to your baby. When giving solid foods to your baby, you should not put food on a plate. Instead, the best way is to present food in a bowl or small dish. This way, not only does your baby find it easy to eat the food with a spoon, but they also help parents keep an eye on the portions. This way, parents know the amount of nutrients their baby consumes, and they can change this as the baby grows up.

Here are the benefits of serving solid foods in a bowl dish:

  • You know the exact amount of serving the child is being fed.
  • Less mess is created as the baby can easily use a spoon inside a bowl.
  • Motor skills are developed with hand eye-coordination while eating.

5- Consider a Splash Mat

Eating solid foods can quickly turn into a dirty business. In case your baby is eating mashed purees, then it is obvious that there will be quite a mess you’ll have to clean afterward. Such foods tend to stick to your baby’s hands, the tabletop of the high chair, the face, and the floor. In this situation, especially if you have carpeting done, there’s always a chance of the carpet getting ruined.

Having a splash mat can save the carpeting from getting messy.

Here are the benefits of using a splash mat:

  • Splash mats are waterproof. This means all you need to do is rinse them in water, and there you go! You get a clean and clear splash mat.
  • A splash mat saves all kinds of floor surfaces from stains.
  • If the baby is snacking while sitting on a baby support seat on the floor, a splash mat can still help ensure no mess is created on the floor.
  • Splash mats allow easy and quick cleanup.

Concluding Remarks

We hope this list provides you a good amount of insight into what supplies are necessary to start feeding your baby solid foods. Several other items can be included in the list. However, to make this list short, specific, and uncomplicated, we have shared the five most essential supplies to consider. With these five supplies, you can rest assured there will be less mess while your baby can safely learn to eat solids all by themselves gradually.