5 Gadgets to Improve Hand-Eye Coordination Among Kids

Toys are one of the easiest ways to engage your kids, but did you know that they are also secretly helping in the development of your kid?

Like enhancing hand-eye coordination & problem-solving skills among kids. This helps kids learn things faster and acquire valuable skills.

What is Hand-Eye Coordination?

Hand-eye coordination is the capability to get control of hand movements with the aid of vision. In simpler words, hand-eye coordination involves activities requiring the concurrent use of hands and eyes. For instance, while writing, we are watching and writing simultaneously. Similarly, when kids play with a toy, such as building blocks, their hands and eyes come to action simultaneously. 

Luckily, advanced technology has introduced some great gadgets that enhance the brain's ability to coordinate the eyes and hands synchronously.

Association of Gadgets and Eye-Hand Coordination

Gadgets play an important role in the development of cognitive and fine motor skills among children. Many educational apps and games are designed to teach kids important skills such as problem-solving, math, and reading, which can also improve cognitive development.

Technology-driven modern toys provide definitive assistance in visual attention. Smart toys encourage kids to do certain tasks, such as pressing a button, making education fun, and improving their learning skills(1).

Moreover, kids need to spend only a little time on gadgets and engage in other activities that foster their physical, mental, and social growth. Here are five gadgets that improve hand-eye coordination among kids.

LCD Writing Tablet (Recommended Age 3+ Years)

An LCD writing tablet is an incredibly useful and versatile gadget that can be invaluable for your child's development. It encourages imagination and creativity while also assisting with developing handwriting and fine motor skills.

The ability to draw and write on a digital surface can make the learning experience more engaging and interactive for your child. This can make learning and practicing new skills more enjoyable and motivating.

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Yoto Player (Recommended Age 3+ Years)

The Yoto player is a screen-free audio player device that seamlessly blends entertainment and education for children in an incredibly engaging way. The device uses playing cards and provides an interactive way for children to access different content. For example, when you insert the card in the Yoto Player, it plays music, melodies, podcast, stories, etc.

Yoto Player also helps with the development of their motor skills. The bright and visually stimulating illustrations on the cards also foster visual attention and coordination.

Gaming Console (Recommended Age 6+ Years)

A gaming console combines education and entertainment in one fun package. Video games improve hand-eye coordination as well as they offer an interactive way for children to enhance their problem-solving skills.

A gaming console also gives kids a wide range of new opportunities. It allows them to experience new cultures, and learn new languages. Moreover, even improve their teamwork and communication skills through online multiplayer games. It also encourages creativity and imagination as children can create and customize their own characters, worlds and stories. With a gaming console, the possibilities are endless.

Tobbie Robot (Recommended Age 7 - 8 Years)

Tobbie robot is a unique and exciting addition to any child's STEM collection as it allows them to build the robot themselves. The robot is made of individual pieces that children can assemble to create a six-legged AI robot.

Once constructed, Tobbie offers two modes of operation: 'follow me' and 'explore'. The adorable robot is equipped with the ability to follow moving objects such as waving hands or thanks to its sensors it can move around freely without bumping into things. It's a unique and interactive way to learn about coding and robotics while having fun.

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Hasbro Gaming Simon (Recommended Age 8+ Years)

The Hasbro Gaming Simon is a game that tests kids' memory and coordination, with flashing lights and sounds. This electronic game challenges players to replicate sequential patterns. And those patterns are of coloured lights. By pressing the corresponding pads in the correct order the game starts off at a steady pace. But gradually increases in difficulty, making it an engaging and suspenseful experience.

The gameplay of this handheld electronic game is like the classic Simon game. Where players are required to watch, remember, and repeat the patterns. Moreover, the objective is to achieve the top score. It's a fast-paced, challenging, and enjoyable game.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the gadgets mentioned above are just a few examples of how you can utilise technology for the betterment of your kids. By gifting such gadgets to your kids, you are not only providing them with hours of entertainment but also investing in their future by equipping them with valuable skills and abilities that will serve them well in the years to come.


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