5 Challenging Brain Teaser Toys for Juniors

1- Rubik’s Cube

A Rubik’s Cube is a puzzle combination - forming a cube with six sides. It is a trendy puzzle toy that’s mechanical and has a uniqueness about it. The great thing about the Rubik’s cube is both children and adults like it. This toy is a great brain teaser if you’re looking to help your child boost their creativity and ability to think. Below are the main benefits of Rubik’s Cube.

Improves Cognitive Function

When a child tries to solve a Rubik’s Cube, instead of following a fixed formula or algorithm, they create their technique or formula to solve the Rubik’s puzzle. By doing so, a child positively takes the mental challenge to solve the puzzle - which helps boost cognitive abilities. No matter if the child is following a set pattern or is trying to devise a new way - cognitive skills are boosted in both cases.

Makes Problem-Solving Skills Sharper

This fantastic toy will either make a child want to quickly do something about solving the problem, or it will pose a challenge to a child’s thinking abilities to think and devise a solving strategy keenly. In both cases, solving the Rubik’s cube helps your child become better at solving complex problems.

2- Tummy Time Water Mat

You must be wondering what is a water mat to do with improving brain capacity? You’ll be surprised to find that the tummy time mat does play a role in building the mental capacity of your toddler - in a different way.

Here are the wowing benefits of this mat:

  • It helps improve the depth perception of a toddler when they are exploring the different objects moving underwater.
  • It keeps a baby's mind active as they get excited and push different objects here and there.
  • It stimulates the brain to think speedily and makes the body energetic as the toddler moves their head around and kicks with their legs.
  • It improves hand-eye coordination, which is mainly a function of the brain.

3- Kids' Magnetic Drawing Board

As the name suggests, this board is a magnetic drawing toy for kids. It works because the magnetic balls lying under the holes on the screen are meant to be attracted using a magnetic pen. The pen has a magnet at its tip, attracting the magnet balls so they can pop up at the top and become visible. Below are the benefits of this brain teaser toy.

Imagination and Creative Ability

The great thing about kids’ magnetic drawing toy is they can take the imaginative ability of a child to an upper level so a child can get creative. The blank board gives a child endless opportunities to draw their heart out. What’s more, is the attractive sound of the beads as they come up and go down. The option to put any bead down and take any bead up is what helps instilling a sense of creativity in your kid.

Fine Motor Skills

For a toddler to develop a healthily functioning brain, it is essential to boost their fine motor skills. Fine motor skills include hand-eye coordination and other basic tasks of buttoning a shirt, using a pen, etc. When a child is given a magnetic drawing board from a very early age, they successfully develop fine motor skills and push their brain’s ability to learn better.

4- Light Up Drawing Pad Magic Glow Board

Another toy that’s a brain teaser for children is the magic glow drawing pad that lights up to highlight drawings. This toy works because a child will draw whatever they want to, and once the picture is done, they can press a button which lights up the board and glows up the drawing. The light can be used at any time and as much as wanted. Once your kid decides to make a new drawing, they can wipe the pad to blank. Below are the brain-stimulating benefits of this toy.

Ability to Plan

Once a child is out of the scribbling phase, the next step is that a child would plan what they intend to draw. Planning positively stresses the brain to think things and directs what one wants to do. Now with the help of a magic glow pad, your little one will learn the importance of planning before taking action.

Improvement in Attention Span

The second great mental benefit is improved attention. One thing that we all struggle with in this modern age is attention. A person who lacks attentiveness never fulfills their tasks properly or leaves the tasks halfway. Especially, in this age of modern technology, where we have so many distractions around us, many children are inattentive and distracted. By drawing on the magic glow board, not only will your child have fun, but their attention span will also increase.

5- Smart Sticks Building Block Puzzles

Most puzzle toys are brain teasers that stimulate the mental growth of children. And the same goes for smart sticks building block puzzles that provide your kids with many opportunities to stir their creative imagination and build something new. Being an effective educational toy, it helps kids develop problem-solving capability and learn to deal with complex tasks. Below are the benefits of this puzzle.

Improvement in Short-Term Memory

While solving a puzzle, your little one will experience connectivity between brain cells. This way, the mental speed will become better - which helps a lot in short-term memory.

Reasoning on Visual and Spatial Levels

Kids think and try to make the right connections by looking at the separate parts of a stick puzzle. They try to fit and fix to see what links should be made to get their desired final structure. Doing so not only improves focus but also helps the mind to be in a relaxed state because focus relaxes the mind.

Concluding the Post

All the toys mentioned above are ideal brain teasers that help boost the brain's cognitive functions. We have compiled this short list for parents seeking to get their kid something that’s a toy, but also helps improve their child’s thinking capacity. Some children love to draw, some like to solve puzzles, whereas others want to explore. The toys mentioned above are included in this short list to suit the varying tastes and choices of children.