A Comprehensive Guide to Picking The Right Baby Stroller

Having the correct type of baby stroller is essential when you’re looking to take your little one out with you. But, the problem arises when you have to choose from a vast range of baby stroller variations. Having to choose one from among so many can be overwhelming. And in this post, we will provide you guidance on how you can select the right baby stroller.

Why Should You Get a Baby Stroller?

A baby stroller makes life much easier when it is time to take your baby out. This way, you do not have to feel incapable of doing any activity properly when you’re outside, as your baby will not be attached to you. A stroller or pram helps parents make the baby feel more comfortable and allows parents to shop easily.

When you put your baby in a stroller, the main benefits of doing so are:

  • A baby stroller makes it possible for parents to have the flexibility to move around. It lets parents feel free to pick a load, exercise, or walk around a park or shopping mall.
  • Another significant benefit is that baby prams ensure the safety and security of the baby - both outside and at home.
  • As a baby grows, it becomes much harder to pick them up, as with growth, babies become heavier. Also, babies tend to grow fast, so having a pram frees up time for parents when they can rest while putting the baby in a stroller.
  • A stroller has ample space for storing essential baby products while taking the baby outside. These products can be diapers, clothes, wipes, snacks, etc.

Picking the right baby stroller depends on your specific requirements. And in order to get something suitable to your needs, it’s essential to know the types of strollers.

The Five Main Types of Strollers

1- Full-Size Stroller

The full-size stroller is the widely used type - that comes in a traditional standard size. The features of the full-size stroller are as follows:

  • Big storage capacity
  • Wide and comfortable seat
  • A large-sized canopy on top
  • Large wheels that offer better maneuverability
  • Fully reclined seat to be used as an alternative to a car bassinet
  • Comfortable to push and easy to clean

2- Light or Umbrella Stroller

As the name suggests, this type of stroller is small, lightweight, and ideal for travel. The small folded shape is what gives it the name umbrella stroller. Here are the features of this type of stroller:

  • Most do not have car seat adapters
  • Small wheels and less maneuverability
  • Ideal for transporting on a trip
  • The baby should be at least six months old

3- Car Seat Frame or Car Seat Carriers

This type of stroller offers a combination system. The combination system means that it allows for infant-carrier style in the car, and the frame can also be disconnected to be clicked into a stroller frame. Here are the features of car seat carriers:

  • It is compact, lightweight, and inexpensive
  • The infant carrier can be converted into full stroller
  • The carrier-to-stroller transition allows for saving money
  • The possibility of transition brings efficiency, as the need to buy a separate stroller is cut off
  • Storage or cup holders may not be present

4- Jogging Strollers

As the name indicates, these strollers are specially designed with bigger wheels to allow for jogging. The large air-filled tires are ideal for rough surfaces. Explore the features of jogging strollers:

  • Air-filled tires can roll smoothly on rough surfaces as they can absorb shock
  • The strollers stay straight while the person holding the stroller is running - making them best for joggers
  • Helps maintain an active lifestyle
  • Comfort and secure seating on bumpy sidewalks

5- Double Strollers

The double stroller type comes with two separate seats for two babies. The seats are side-by-side, making these strollers the best solution for taking twins for a day out. Here are the features of double strollers:

  • Made in a narrow shape so they can easily cross through most doorways
  • A better option in the first year of twins
  • Accommodates two babies at a time
  • Enough storage space, so parents have less to carry

The above types and their features show you the difference. To this point, it is clear that no single stroller is everything to everyone. This makes it necessary to look at your current needs and see where you can compromise while choosing the right stroller.

Things to Consider When Buying a Stroller

A safe and comfortable stroller is what you need for sure. On top of this, you must ask yourself the following questions to make a better buying decision.

Where to Use the Stroller?

Most of the strollers are big in size. This might mean they are hard to navigate in narrow spaces. If you live in a town with narrow streets, then the ideal option is an umbrella stroller.

However, an umbrella stroller is not a good choice if several baby products need to be stored. Going for a full-size stroller is better to store baby diapers and other such things.

Is the Stroller Good Enough to Fulfill Newborn Needs?

You need to check the seat inclination or bassinet mode options. When the baby is a newborn, it is essential that the stroller has seating add-ons so the baby can be perfectly fit. Different types and models come with different specifications. It would help to choose according to specifications such as neck control, supports, etc.

Do You Require One Or Two?

There’s a possibility you may need an umbrella stroller to walk on the roads. However, if you have twins, you may consider getting a double stroller - specifically designed with two seats for twins. Rather than getting two strollers, it can be convenient for many parents to buy a single piece of double stroller for taking out twins.


There’s no single stroller that can fulfill the needs of all! This is why we provided the types of strollers and buying tips in this blog post so you can make an informed decision. When buying a stroller, be realistic about your needs by asking specific questions, and choose a stroller that meets the current requirements. It is equally beneficial if your chosen stroller can also serve some future needs in the coming months.